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Thanks to the huge material library of 3D models in Lumion 3.0.1 Cracked® it takes just moments to really make your design shine. There are 509 built-in high-quality materials such as wooden floors and brick walls as well as 9 custom material types.

With Lumion 3.0.1 Cracked we set out to create a tool built around you. It is a tool designed to find your full potential so you can create amazing things.

In Lumion 3.0.1 Cracked, you will be able to use MP4 files as video textures. This opens up a whole range of possibilities. For example animated advertisement signs, working TVs and projector screens for concerts.

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Lumion 3.0.1 Cracked already had one of the most sophisticated sky rendering systems in the industry. With Lumion 3.0.1 Cracked, your visualizations will reach unprecedented levels of beauty and realism.

Lumion 3.0.1 Cracked clouds move with the wind and react to sunlight as the environment changes. Another major new feature is the Volumetric Clouds effect.

Lumion 3.0.1 Cracked has a fully floating license system with automatic license activation and de-activation. Manual activation/de-activation is no longer needed and multiple seats are automatically managed with a single license key.

The built-in video editor in Lumion 3.0.1 Cracked® makes great film directors out of anyone.

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